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Current Salespeople: A Different Dynamic…

Improve Current SalespeopleAn employer might be tempted to administer the Candidate DriveTest™ to its current sales force, keeping those who are high in Drive, and weeding out those who are low. However, in reality, most established sales forces are not just composed of pure “hunters.”

Furthermore, over time, certain salespeople may have become highly productive by leveraging skills that are uniquely matched to the organization’s culture. (For example, a mature producer with a well-established client base might best be utilized by serving as a methodical relationship builder rather than a more driven account acquisition specialist.)

Therefore, rather than throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater through an intense “pass/fail” rubric, SalesDrive has developed a version of the DriveTest online sales assessment for sales incumbents . . . The Production Builder™, which is an online sales assessment that not only measures for Drive, but also identifies potentially valuable attributes that a given employee may be (or could be) applying to the overall sales system. The Production Builder also provides a match between the sales athlete’s personality characteristics, and the coach’s choices for development or motivation.


The Key to Monitoring and Motivating Your Team

The purpose of the online sales assessment test, The Production Builder™, is to provide sales managers and trainers with a foundation from which to develop and motivate sales athletes, while also matching certain personality characteristics with the work at hand.

Most classic rainmakers, or “hunters,” score high in all three elements of Drive . . . Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism. If any one of these is missing, while the salesperson may succeed through other means (for example, being part of a team, or growing existing accounts), the chances are that he/she will not reach his/her full potential by being cast as a pure hunter, that is, devoted to stand alone, classic new business acquisition.

In a perfect world, a salesperson would test high on all of the key indicators of The Production Builder™, particularly Drive, which is the strongest indicator of hunter/rainmaker potential. Still, there is plenty of room in great sales organizations for people with complementary skill sets.

The real key is placing them in the right positions to succeed, for themselves, and for the organization. The Production Builder™ provides a foundation from which to build their success.

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