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Mentoring – The Ultimate Salesperson Accelerator

Thursday, June 12th, 2014 by

mentor-sharing-business-knowledgeSales training can be useful in exposing people to new ideas, but the ultimate weapon in guiding salespeople to their highest potential is deep mentoring.

Mentoring is defined here as:

Intellectual guidance and emotional support provided by a more experienced and seasoned person to someone who has less experience and maturity in a given situation.

Sales is extremely challenging and requires nuance and wisdom beyond one shot motivation and inspiration. A true mentor brings not only wisdom but also street smarts gained through years of successfully sailing through the often subtle and hidden reefs and shoals that are not necessarily on the training map. A great mentor can not only help successfully launch a new salesperson . . . he or she can also help prevent a crash which can often occur in the first year on the job when emotions and fear run the highest.

Mentoring can be tremendously satisfying and productive for both the mentor and protégé. A mentoring process should be developed within all sales programs, either internally, or through a relationship with a coaching platform (If needed, SalesDrive can provide referrals). The end result is a higher level of production, achieved faster, with less turnover as salespeople appreciate and leverage the powerful resource made available to them.

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