The DriveTest is the only pre-employment sales test available that helps you determine whether your candidates have the most critical personality trait for success in sales: Drive.


The Production Builder sales assessment test provides specific suggestions for improving your current team's skills based on each salesperson's unique personality profile.


Underperforming salespeople are perhaps the greatest cause of frustration to sales executives and financial loss to business owners. This book provides a step-by-step hiring process, including interview questions to identify high Drives sales candidates.

Managing Your High-Drive Salespeople

A client of ours once referred to his high-Drive salespeople as his “Porsches.”  He said they were high maintenance but when they were tuned up, they could race like h***.   You probably recognize his description . . . high-Drive salespeople do require a lot of support and attention, usually because they are operating at such a high velocity . . . which is a good thing. This is a big topic so let’s just cover a couple of tips here. 

First of all, remember that high-Drive salespeople are ultra-competitive. Anytime you can set up a type of competition, which ultimately leads to the fulfillment of your mutual goals and objectives, it can add to the salesperson’s satisfaction and fulfillment. This does not have to be a huge deal, just a few bets here and there. For example, dinner and tickets to the ball game for the first salesperson to close the next five deals. Things like that. It’s not about the money . . . it’s about the competitive exchange.

Second, high-Drive salespeople are high in optimism.  They bounce back quickly from rejection, but that doesn’t mean they cannot use a little pat on the back occasionally. It won’t take much . . . a drink after work or a cup of coffee together to remind them how good they are will be hyper-leveraged with these types of folks. A great return on a seemingly small gesture.

Lastly, remember, high-Drive salespeople love to be loved.  Make sure you are showing it to them because your competitors know they are out there and would love to have them.

Want to know if a person is a high-Drive salesperson prior to hiring them? The DriveTest can help you identify individuals who are high in Drive. Click here for more information.

Dr. Christopher Croner and Richard Abraham are authors of Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again and developers of the proprietary and patented sales test, The DriveTest™, for sales candidates. For more information, click here.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...
Our first year bookings were below $500,000. We hired SalesDrive and our second year bookings grew by 1400% and we’ve easily exceeded 350% growth in year 3.
Don LazzariVice President of SalesVocollect Healthcare
The SalesDrive Assessment has proved to be invaluable in helping us qualify those candidates who are uniquely suited to work here.  SalesDrive is the most important tool in my selection tool kit for evaluating sales professionals.
Bobbie LyonsHuman ResourceRouse Properties