The DriveTest is the only pre-employment sales test available that helps you determine whether your candidates have the most critical personality trait for success in sales: Drive.


The Production Builder sales assessment test provides specific suggestions for improving your current team's skills based on each salesperson's unique personality profile.


Underperforming salespeople are perhaps the greatest cause of frustration to sales executives and financial loss to business owners. This book provides a step-by-step hiring process, including interview questions to identify high Drives sales candidates.

My Candidate is Very Persistent, Calling and Emailing Me Often, Does That Mean He Will Be a Good Salesperson? Maybe.

Hiring managers occasionally encounter sales candidates who are especially persistent . . . calling or emailing them frequently to get an update on their status. Of course, persistence is a very important trait for success in sales. So, it can be tempting to conclude that a persistent candidate will be high in Drive, tirelessly tracking down new leads.

However, as hiring managers, we need to do more digging to determine whether the candidate will really put that same degree of persistence to work for us. After all, many sales candidates are very savvy at looking the part during the recruitment phase, they probe for our pain in the interview, they present well-polished resumes and they keep calling/emailing to close the deal. The key question is whether the candidate has the Drive necessary to maintain that tenacity over the long haul.

We need to test all of our candidates for the three elements of Drive (Need for Achievement, Competitiveness, and Optimism) and rule out the candidates who are presenting a false image so they can later retire on the job. We then use the Drive Interview to probe for several concrete examples of the candidate’s persistence over time . . . allowing us to establish a consistent pattern, and make a more confident prediction about the tenacity the candidate will really bring to bear for us.

Dr. Christopher Croner and Richard Abraham are authors of Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again and developers of the proprietary and patented sales test, The DriveTest™, for sales candidates. For more information, click here.

One thought on “My Candidate is Very Persistent, Calling and Emailing Me Often, Does That Mean He Will Be a Good Salesperson? Maybe.

  1. This article is “right on”… I actually have a candidate that scored low on the Drive Test but has demonstrated just the opposite on his persistence and tenacity with his follow up to land an interview. Based on his results, I think he may be more effective in an admin position – but we’ll see. More to come. Thanks – DMc

    December 16, 2013 at 2:37 am

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Since incorporating the DriveTest as part of our pre-employment process, our organization has been better equipped to identify and hire talent. The DriveTest helps us pinpoint key characteristics of a successful sales person that may be overlooked in the normal interview process.
Kristen BodoHuman Resource ManagerVeeam Software Corporation
The SalesDrive Assessment has proved to be invaluable in helping us qualify those candidates who are uniquely suited to work here.  SalesDrive is the most important tool in my selection tool kit for evaluating sales professionals.
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