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The DriveTest®, our sales hiring assessment, helps you identifies whether your sales candidates have the most critical personality trait needed for success in sales: Drive.

More than 80+ years of research shows that the most important factor for sales success is a person’s Drive. Drive is the passion and determination that causes top-producing salespeople to be relentless in their quest for success.

Identifying Drive prior to the interview allows you to spend your time on only high-potential candidates.

Drive consists of three non-teachable personality traits. Your candidates either have these traits or they don’t, and assessing for these traits prior to interviewing, gives you the ability to identify your candidates’ true potential.

3 Non-Teachable Traits that Impact Sales Performance

  1. Need for Achievement: The intense desire to attain excellence & accomplish challenging goals.
  2. Competitiveness: The unquenchable thirst to outperform one’s peers & win the customer over to their point of view.
  3. Optimism: The certainty and resiliency that cannot be denied.


Other Important Sales Skills Needed for High Performance

  1. Confidence: The ability to freely express opinions or concerns while remaining unfazed by rejection or difficult buyers.
  2. Persuasiveness: The enjoyment of selling, negotiating and changing others’ point of view.
  3. Relationship Skills: The capability to easily establish and maintain relationships.
  4. Organization: The discipline to stay orderly, track tasks and avoid mistakes.

Forced-Choice Questions & Consistency Rating

The DriveTest® questions use a Forced-Choice format, which requires sales candidates to choose which statement is most like them and which statement is least like them. Furthermore, candidates must choose between three options that sound equally positive, making this sales hiring assessment very difficult for someone to fake.

The assessment contains 42 questions and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Upon completion, the results are instantly emailed to you.

The DriveTest® also includes a Consistency scale, which warns you if candidates respond inconsistently or attempt to fake the sales hiring assessment.

Sample Assessment Question

sample drivetest online sales assessment questions

Validity Study Findings

SalesDrive’s validity study categorized salespeople performing above the 50th percentile on revenue achievement as sales leaders. The image below demonstrates the frequencies of sales leaders for each Drive score (1-5).

As shown in the graph, employees that scored in the Green range (4-5) on Drive were almost twice as likely to be identified as a sales leader as compared to employees in the Red range (1-2).

Additionally, the relationship between the Drive scale raw scores and a measure of the salesperson’s ability to develop new leads and close new accounts was a statistically significant and strong correlation of .45.

Sales Revenue Leaders

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The SalesDrive Assessment is a very accurate and cost effective tool to hire the right sales professional. I highly recommend the service and the process prescribed by Dr. Croner.

Rick Seymour, CEO, CSI: Palm Beach

As a growing sales organization, hiring became increasingly difficult. Using SalesDrive allowed us to compare the target areas for success in the role, and also measure against our current pool of employees. It’s a simple tool that measures the right characteristics.

Kristina Bajjani, Human Resources Business Partner, Lightspeed

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