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Our sales aptitude test designed to help you uncover your candidate’s true potential prior to the interview. Identify who has the necessary aptitude for success in sales, while saving time and money by avoiding sales pretenders.

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A link will be emailed to you within a few minutes. We recommend sending this link to a sales candidate or current salesperson for evaluation. (Assessment scoring is not calibrated for leaders in management roles.) After trial completion, you will receive an email with the results: The DriveTest® Report for sales hiring and The Production Builder™ Report for tailored training and mentoring your current salespeople. You may also schedule a Strategy Session to review the results and discuss your specific hiring needs and questions.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Since partnering with SalesDrive, it has unified our metrics & standards in our recruiting process across our national footprint. The DriveTest® allows our training team to execute with a higher level of performance because the DriveTest® allows us to choose candidates with the unteachable characteristics, & that is Drive. In fact, our new hires outperform veteran reps, consistently quarter after quarter & we attribute a portion of that to hiring the candidates that have something inside of them that can’t be trained, & that is Drive.

Joe Gaasbeck Senior Manager -Sales Training -Recruiting -Leadership Development, DexYP

If you are looking to eliminate the fluff riff raff and just interview and hire the most Driven of all candidates, I highly recommend getting on board with SalesDrive and Dr. Chris Croner. As a manager and mentor of salespeople for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Dr. Croner made my life’s work of searching for the Top Performers a lot simpler. SalesDrive is the filter I use in business to locate and hire the very best of sales people, plain and simple.

Robert Heinz Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, The Custom Companies, Inc.

For business use only. Limit one trial per company. We do not provide practice assessments or trials to salespeople looking for personal development.
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