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Build a Successful Sales Team for Your Tech Startup


Creating a solid base for your tech startup is more than just having a new, ground-breaking idea that is unlike any other in the technology marketplace. Building a successful sales team is imperative to your startup’s success with prospects and investors.

Stand Out Qualities of a Startup Sales Team Member

Less than 20% of the general population has Drive, or the personality characteristics that lead them to be a successful salesperson. Extensive data and research has shown that a high-performing salesperson exemplifies Drive through three personality characteristics.

Need for Achievement

This is the inner desire to reach even the most challenging goals. When the Need for Achievement grows, so does a person’s motivation. Motivated people are more likely to push through day-to-day challenges to achieve a goal, no matter how difficult the task becomes.


This is a trait of someone who loves to compete, with both coworkers and prospects, which they see as a contest to win them over. Success in their eyes is achieving a change of viewpoint of the prospect to their side.


Much like the other two characteristics, optimism is an inherent trait. A person is born with optimism and it develops at a young age. Research shows that without innate optimism, individuals have a very little chance of becoming a high-performing salesperson.

Technical Knowledge

Technology startups can come with their own set of issues, and you may be faced with the question of:

Do I hire someone with technical knowledge or the ability to sell my product?

The key to long-term sales success for your startup is to hire someone that showcases the correct personality characteristics. The aptitude to sell must be in place for your sales team to be successful.

Once you have found someone who has scored very well on a sales aptitude test that measures for Drive, you can determine if they can learn the technical information they will need to be credible in the technology market place.

Build Your Startup Sales Strategy


Having a successful sales strategy will set you apart from other startups. Why? Because a successful strategy will help you to communicate your value to prospective, and current, clients and investors.

Prevent Failure

In 2019, technology startups are a dime-a-dozen – so how can you lead your startup to success? It is important to develop a successful sales team exhibiting the qualities of Drive. Close to 90% of startups fail due to cash flow issues, an undefined business model or they have not defined their customer base. The correct salesperson will help to create goals for your team to meet, in turn, leading your startup to success.

Work Together

Ensuring that your sales professional works together with all aspects of the company to gain industry knowledge will help lead you to success. Your salesperson will continue to learn more about the technology industry, and become more credible when speaking to prospects. A salesperson who is competitive will always want to learn more to be better for their next sales pitch.

Time to take the guesswork out of hiring the right people. Find qualified people for your startup’s sales team today.

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