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How to Create a Commercial Real Estate Sales Marketing Strategy

Build a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Partaking in the commercial real estate industry is a great opportunity. Commercial real estate is a popular venue for people to invest money, so it is important that you strategize your sales marketing tactics correctly.

Planning Your Commercial Real Estate Sales Strategy

To lead your commercial real estate sales team to success it is important to understand what sets you apart from your competitors in the commercial real estate industry. Determining this is crucial since the market can seem saturated. What are some solutions that your sales team can provide to your customers that other commercial real estate salespeople do not? Are you focusing on low-cost or only high-end listings?  Once you have determined your niche in the commercial real estate marketplace, it is time to develop a sales marketing strategy.

1) Define your target audience.

Commercial real estate is a big market and it is growing and changing each day. Once you have determined what sets your team apart, you will need to determine who your ideal customer is. What should your sales team be looking for in a customer? How do they go about finding properties?

During this time, do a quick search into your competitors as well to see what they are doing. Use this as an opportunity to see how your sales team can stand out from the crowd.

2) Create a commercial real estate brand for your company.

As with anything, the best way for your commercial real estate company to get noticed is by using proper branding. While you are developing your target audience and goals, think about how you want your company to come across to your customers. Are you wanting a more relatable approach? Or are you looking to exude a high-class vibe? Whichever you choose, your branding will need to be consistent across all your materials, including business cards and website. This will help to increase brand recognition for your company and help you stand out from competitors.

3) Develop an online commercial real estate marketing plan for your properties.

In today’s world, nearly every salesperson and company in the commercial real estate industry has a website and a plan for their content marketing strategy. When creating your website, make sure it is easy to understand. Your customers should be able to visit your website and receive nearly all the information they need on a property, along with an easy and visible way to get in contact with you. The commercial real estate industry is a visual one, so having high-quality photos will also help you and your sales team stand out.

Email marketing and social media marketing are also great, low-cost tools to help you with your sales marketing strategy. Sharing information about new properties with your potential clients and current customers allows them to stay in the know, and have an easy way to forward the information to other people that may be interested in your company as well.

4) Take Advantage of Online Listings.

In any sales marketing strategy, it is helpful to take advantage of tools that are easily available to you. The growing popularity of commercial real estate sales has led to the rise of online listings. Online listings create an easy tool for you and your sales team to use to advertise commercial properties available for rent or sale. Online real estate listings allow you to target specific and relevant audiences, increasing your qualified leads. By using high-quality photos of the interior and exterior of your property, this will give potential leads an insight into what you are offering. Expand on your property by listing information such as amenities, parking and other lease or purchase information relevant to a buyer’s potential questions.

Once you have developed your commercial real estate marketing strategy, one of the most important things you can do next is work with your sales team. As a sales manager, it is highly valuable if you work with your sales team to mentor and coach them. Make sure that all of your sales team is on a united front as you work together in the commercial real estate industry.

While each salesperson on your team may have a different strategy behind their specific personality, you can work to build your sales team up with high-quality salespeople who exhibit the qualities of Drive. Drive is essential to building a high-performance sales team. If you’re ready to learn more, the SalesDrive team is here to help you build the best sales team with our online sales personality assessment.

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