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Effective Sales Strategies

There is a reason why sales managers are constantly looking to improve. When it comes to sales, your team is measured by how effective they are and you want to be sure your team is spending their time where it matters—developing relationships that encourage long-term sales, not wasting time and energy spinning their wheels on dead-end prospects.

Some of the technical details of making a sale will vary from industry to industry, for instance, a sales team may be more effective than an individual salesperson when it comes to selling technology, while only one commercial real estate agent may be required to close a deal.

Regardless of industry, the core elements of making a good sale remain constant. For starters, hire top-performing salespeople. Then, encourage your salespeople to be themselves.

Trust is the foundation of every great relationship, and for salespeople to create a relationship with their clients, it is important for them to be genuine about who they are.

Of course, actively listening to customers is an important sales skill and a foundational part of relationship building. Active listening can better inform a salesperson when it comes to demonstrating how their product can solve a customer problem or fill a need.

Read through the posts below for additional selling tips and sales skills.

Vital Sales Statistics That Everyone Should Know

Vital Sales Statistics Everyone Should Know

Did you know 44% of salespeople give up after one call, yet data shows it takes an average of 8 calls to reach a single prospect? Reuben Yonatan, founder, and CEO of GetCRM, highlights some of the most important sales statistics you should be aware of in this guest post.

Creating Sales Teams


Sales teams can work great for some industries like technology, while there are other areas where an individual salesperson can be more effective. If you are considering creating sales teams in your company, be sure to first read this quick article by Dr. Christopher Croner.

Are your Sales Sustainable?

Sales Sustainability

Quality over quantity. In the long run, quality deals will pay out more than a large number of high-turnover deals. If your company is having a difficult time retaining customers, consider these six tips to help achieve sustainable sales growth.

Improve Sales with These 8 Questions

Asking the right questions can make all the difference in making a sale. These eight open-ended questions serve as great conversation starters that will help your salespeople build rapport with customers and improve sales.

4 Psychology-Backed Tips to Increase Sales

Emotions factor into the decision-making process more than you may realize, so knowing how to appeal emotionally to the customer is an important sales skill to have. These four psychology-backed tips can help your salespeople sell more.

3 Empowering Sales Techniques


Whether sales are sluggish or doing just fine, there is always room for growth. Warm calling, visualization, and storytelling are three ways to help increase your team’s sales. Empower your sales reps to use these techniques to create an emotional appeal with customers.

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