July 11, 2017


Finding the Best Sales Assessment for Your Team

You are looking at your sales stats for the past quarter, and are realizing that things did not go as well as you had hoped.

After spending some time reviewing what could possibly have led to these lackluster sales, you have finally come to determine that the basis of your sales problems is your sales team.

But you thought these salespeople would be fabulous? They performed so well in their interviews and you felt very strongly that they would give your company the boost you were looking for to take things to the next level.

Unfortunately, you were wrong.

And now you are in a place where you are nearly starting all over again with building a large chunk of your sales team.

So what do you do this time around to ensure that you do not make the same mistake twice?

 How do you make sure that you do not find yourself in the same place, with an underperforming sales team? 

It all comes down to using a sales assessment to determine whether your candidates are truly built for sales or not.


Why A Sales Assessment Is Necessary


So you know you have done something wrong in your hiring process to be in this spot. You missed some red flags, misjudged people and are likely feeling both embarrassed and somewhat tricked at the same time.

And this is not a good feeling.

In order to never have this feeling again, you will want to start implementing a sales assessment into your hiring process immediately.

Why is a sales assessment so important in determining the sales strength of a possible candidate?

A sales assessment allows you to go deeper than an interview. These days, an interview is just not enough.

In fact, research shows that much of what happens in the pre-hiring process cannot be fully trusted − 78% of candidates’ resumes have some level of falsification.

Pretty scary, right?

But an interview should help you sort out any possible lies or exaggerations made on the resume, right?


Interviews are very rehearsed. Most candidates that are applying for a sales position with your company have likely applied for jobs before, or have done ample research and have a general idea of what types of questions you are going to ask.

The candidate may have spent days coming up with the perfect answers to your questions, when none of them really speak any truth.

In other words, your candidate may be misleading you to believe that he will be that salesperson you have always dreamed of, when in fact, he may end up becoming the salesperson of your worst nightmare.

Thus, in order to find your way through the jungle of falsified resumes, and practiced interview questions, you need a sales assessment.

An assessment will allow you to assess your candidates for Drive – the non-teachable trait that only top-notch salespeople have.

The traits that fall under the category of Drive include:

  • Need for Achievement
  • Competitiveness
  • Optimism

This is the magic trio that makes for a great salesperson.


How to Choose the Sales Assessment That Will Work Best

Now that you understand the importance of a sales aptitude test, let us get into how you can go about choosing the sales assessment that will give you the results you are looking for: a strong sales team that you will boost your company’s sales.


1. Pick an assessment that aligns with your company’s needs.

Before picking a sales assessment, you need to take a look at what it is that your company needs in a salesperson. Determine which qualities you require your salespeople to have, and make sure that the assessments you are considering will provide your candidates with questions to assess for those qualities.


2. Pick an assessment that has been validated.


Making sure the assessment you choose has been validated is absolutely key to its effectiveness.

Here are a few things you can look at to determine whether the sales aptitude test you are considering has been validated:

  • Was it designed to reflect current concerns and expectations of sales mangers?
  • Does it pose questions that the candidate will be forced to answer honestly, rather than choosing an answer that they think you will want to hear?
  • Does it have the criteria for scientific validity?


3. Pick an assessment that answers your additional questions.

There are other questions that you, as a sales manager, need to be able to answer about a sales assessment prior to using it on your candidates. Those questions include:

  • Does the assessment use Forced-Choice questions?
  • If so, are all the answers equally positive?
  • Does the assessment offer interview or follow up questions to ask candidates based on their specific results?


How to Use the Results of Your Candidate’s Sales Test


The most important part of the assessment process is the results. From this, you will determine whether the candidate is one that you should bring in for an in-person interview.

For our sales assessment, The DriveTest®, the candidate is scored on the non-teachable traits of Drive: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism, on a scale of 1-5.

The Drive score that your candidate receives will inform you as to how successful that candidate will be as a salesperson.

If the candidate receives a score of 4 or 5, then you know he has the personality and potential to be a great salesperson. Any score lower than a 4, and you may be risking the candidates’, and thus your sales’, success.

Any candidate that scores a 4 or 5 on The DriveTest® should be brought in for a behavioral interview.


Final Thoughts

Using a sales assessment in your hiring process is crucial to the success of your sales team, but making sure you are using the best sales assessment is even more important – you want a test that will be worth your time and effort, and will correctly determine the potential of your candidates.

If you are looking for a validated, reliable and thorough assessment, look no further than The DriveTest®. With just a 20-minute test, we will help sort out the good salespeople from the bad salespeople, and make your hiring much more simple and successful.

Request a FREE trial of The DriveTest®, and to get your sales team back up to where it should be.