January 30, 2014

The right choiceOver the past few years, dozens of clients and prospects have asked us if we could recommend a recruiting firm that pursues salespeople with the same standards and intensity we prescribe through the DriveTest™.  Today, we are pleased and excited to announce our collaboration with a recruiting team that we feel has the most advanced and highest quality recruiting process we have seen for salespeople. When combined with the DriveTest and Drive Interview filters, this collaboration will provide the best of all worlds for companies that wish to cooperate in the search and recruiting process for salespeople.

We realize you may have other recruiting relationships, but we encourage you to sample this program which will provide only Drive-certified candidates for your consideration. Please call me at 312-212-4373
or email me at ccroner@salesdrivetest.com to discuss your individual needs and to learn more about the details of this program.

Thank you,

Chris Croner