The Best Damn Sales Manager’s Guide Ever!
Use the Same Principles & Techniques That Legendary Leaders Use
to Build Sports & Sales Dynasties

Have you ever thought:

“If it were easy to build a winning sales team, everyone would be doing it; so there must be some secret sauce that I haven’t discovered yet?”

Well, good news . . . there is nothing secret about building sales dynasties!

Sales is exactly like sports. It requires talent, drive, commitment and hard work.

In our research we found compelling similarities in the way organizations develop championship sports teams and championship sales teams. Such as how recruiting, development and coaching techniques used by world-class athletic coaches are also used by world-class sales managers and coaches to dominate their competitors year in and year out.

In this online sales management course, we will teach you the five principles that Nick Saban, Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich have used to build championship dynasties.
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In This Course

Inside this sales management course, we will take you through the five key principles for building a championship sales team, step-by-step.

You will learn:

  • How legendary sports and sales coaches go to great lengths to identify and select top talent. Hint: no one “average” gets in.
  • How top teams recruit and welcome this precious new talent.
  • How new athletes and salespeople are onboarded and quickly indoctrinated into the winning culture, habits and traditions.
  • Why mentors are so important, particularly in the first year of employment.
  • How top coaches and managers develop individual training and inspiration plans for each team member to target key areas for development.

And we provide you with a Sales Manager’s Playbook, to fill out as you go with high leverage information. This guide is going to give you specific, actionable steps to take you sales team from where it is now to absolute domination of its competition.

Read the first chapter for free before committing to the investment, and we provide a full money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

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