The DriveTest® Hiring Report

Our sales test, The DriveTest®, measures and scores candidates on a one (1) to five (5), color-coded scale. One (red) being the lowest and five (green) being the highest possible score.

These scores indicate whether your sales candidates have the core potential to be high-producing “Hunter” salespeople.

The sales test report is broken up into four sections:

  1. Total Drive score
  2. Non-Teachable Traits scores: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism
  3. Teachable Sales Skills scores: Confidence, Persuasiveness, Relationship Skills and Organization
  4. Role Fit score: Hunter or Farmer

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Report Interpretation

  • If the Drive score is a 1 or 2 (Red): This candidate is not hardwired to be a successful “hunter” salesperson. Don’t waste your time or money interviewing this candidate.
  • If the Drive score is a 3 (Yellow): Let’s take a deeper look at this candidate. There are several behavioral interview questions you can ask to gauge if this candidate is built for long-term sales success.
  • If the Drive score is a 4 or 5 (Green): This candidate has the necessary personality makeup for success as a “hunter” salesperson. Bring them in for a behavioral interview to see if they will be a good fit for your company and open position.

The sales test results also provide sales role scores based on each person’s unique personality profile. These scores provide guidance for which sales role will likely be the best fit for the candidate.

  • Hunter: New Business Acquisition. Enjoys developing leads and new business opportunities and closing new accounts.
  • Farmer: Support or Administrator. Prefers developing and re-selling to existing clients. Will follow up diligently and steadily grows business.

Pro Tip: Consider partnering your Hunter salespeople with your Farmer salespeople to form unstoppable teams!

Sales Interview Guidance Included

Pages 3 and 4 of the DriveTest® Report includes specific behavioral interview questions designed to help you probe deeper into your candidates’ scores.

This interview guidance section provides you with questions to ask your candidates along with responses to look for when trying to uncover your candidates’ true intentions.

Focus first on the questions that fall into the poor/average (red/yellow) categories and later on the excellent (green) categories.

Sample Drive Interview® Questions


Production Builder™ Developmental Report

The Production Builder™ report is designed to provide tailored training and developmental suggestions for your new and existing salespeople based on their unique personality profiles and scores from our sales test, The DriveTest®.

This additional report is automatically generated and included with each DriveTest® assessment purchase at no additional charge.

In this report, your salesperson is placed into one of four sales types:

  • Driver – These are individuals with a strong Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism. These salespeople have the innate motivation and resiliency essential for effectiveness in intense account acquisition aka “hunter” sales roles.
  • Realist – These individuals are achievement-oriented and competitive with medium to low optimism. These salespeople generally need encouragement through mentoring, or being paired with high optimism team members.
  • Collaborator – These individuals are focused on attaining a good work-life balance. These salespeople can make effective contributions when teamed up with a more highly Driven “hunter” salesperson or asked to manage existing customer accounts.
  • Believer – These individuals show strong optimism, which can help them overcome psychological challenges that others would not be able to handle. These salespeople can be useful, for example, in maintaining the team’s morale, but may not be able to sustain enough Drive to individually convert high hopes to closed sales.

Also included in the Development Suggestions portion of the Production Builder™ Report are specific action steps for managers to take to help their salespeople develop each core skill scored as “Average” or below.

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I absolutely love this product! We have hired so many salespeople who would sell themselves in an interview but never lived up to expectations. SalesDrive has really helped us understand both who we have and who we need.

Brian Hunt, CEO, Kore1 Technologies

Starboard has been using SalesDrive for a number of years now. So far we have not had anyone disappoint us that has passed the test. For results that we do not understand Dr. Croner is always available for guidance.

Hans Hansson, Principal, Starboard Commercial Real Estate

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