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The Art of Sales Planning
Sales Strategies

The Art of Sales Planning: Mastering the Key Strategies for Success

Sales planning is simple to understand but complex to execute. The main thought in the sales planning process is how much effort you need to spend to sell your product. The sales planning process consists of two key factors, selling activity and forecasting yield.  For example, a salesperson must understand how expensive it is to convert one prospect into a buyer. Generally, this means understanding the marketing costs and human resources associated with bringing in a customer.  Plenty goes into a sales plan creation, but not many understand how fundamentally important it is for the success of a business or
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Sales Interviewing & Hiring

9 Types of Sales Compensation Plans

There are many different types of sales compensation plans to choose from; each one is designed to motivate salespeople differently. In the US, sales performance management is a 3.4 billion-dollar-a-year industry that impacts every company worldwide. But it is not just in the US – sales compensation plans are all over the world and are used widely by companies of all types and sizes. What is a Sales Compensation Plan? Compensation planning is a function of sales performance management to measure, manage and optimize sales results. A compensation plan is a set of rules and procedures for paying employees. The
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Business people cheering with hands together
Sales Management

How to Retain the Top Sales Talent on Your Team

Did you know that on average, 8% of salespeople are responsible for 80% of the sales at your company? Obviously, those salespeople are your top performers – the ones who consistently generate the most revenue and help the business thrive. Since top performers can be difficult to find and hire, it is easy to understand how losing even one of them from your sales team could have a significant effect on your sales department and the company as a whole. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep your top performers around. Check out the following list of
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Sales Team Incentives - Cash
Sales Management

The Best Sales Incentives to Motivate Salespeople

To optimize profits within your organization, you need to keep your sales team motivated to keep closing new business deals. Competent sales managers understand that continually using the same incentives to rally the troops doesn’t work in the long run. Sales reps are often dynamic individuals in need of new challenges to pursue. The best managers are continually figuring out how to motivate sales teams. Offering a robust commission plan will keep your reps happy and productive, but what happens when they hit a comfortable stride?  The allure of special sales incentives programs keeps reps hungry and excited about coming
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Sales Strategies

The Difference Between Business Development and Sales

While often thought of as similar company segments, the business development vs. sales consideration is much larger and more complicated than it first appears. Here is what you should know about how these areas resemble and differ from each other.
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Inside Sales Rep
Sales Strategies

Inside Sales: What Is It and How Can You Benefit From It?

Sales is the most vital aspect of running a successful business. Without sales, you cannot make a profit. That is why you need to know the ins and outs of the sales process before you can hire a high-quality candidate. In this blog, we will focus on inside sales. The most basic inside sales definition is the process of selling your product or service remotely. An inside sales rep accomplishes these tasks via phone, email and other methods of remote communication. There are myriad benefits that an exceptional inside sales rep can provide to your company. These benefits include cost-effective
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