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If the answer is YES, The SalesDrive Affiliate Program may be a huge opportunity for you!

SalesDrive’s Affiliate Program was designed for your success because if you succeed, we succeed. Because of that, we have designed it to be as simple as possible. Refer business to SalesDrive and earn commission for each assessment purchased individually or for each subscription signup.

SalesDrive’s Affiliate Program

  • Join for Free – sign up only takes a few minutes and is completely free. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a unique tracking link for your website and referrals.
  • Unlimited Earnings – There is no cap on the amount of commissions you can earn. Refer as many people to us as you’d like and get paid for every assessment they purchase individually. Or refer larger clients to us and receive a commission for each subscription signup.
  • Reliable Tracking – Access our Affiliate Dashboard to track your referrals and commissions with ease.
  • Psychologically-Backed Assessment – The DriveTest® is a scientifically validated assessment with over a 70% accuracy rating at identifying high-performing salespeople. Help your clients hire top-producing salespeople by first identifying whether a candidate has the necessary personality traits for long-term sales success.
  • Online Training – To launch our relationship, we have designed a comprehensive online tutorial to walk you through promoting and selling the DriveTest® with ease.
  • Ongoing Support – Let us help you succeed. With a dedicated Affiliate Manager, we can help you promote SalesDrive. Get access to unique marketing materials and resources designed to help you drive referrals.

What is The DriveTest®?

The DriveTest® is an online sales assessment that identifies candidates and current employees who have the innate characteristic to be cast as new business developers, aka, “hunter” salespeople. This characteristic is known as Drive and research has proven this to be a critical trait necessary for success in sales.

Drive is made up of 3 non-teachable personality traits:

  1. Need for Achievement: The intense desire to attain excellence & accomplish challenging goals.
  2. Competitiveness: The unquenchable thirst to outperform one’s peers & win the customer over to his/her point of view.
  3. Optimism: The certainty and resiliency that cannot be denied.

The DriveTest® assessment measures each of these traits, and combines them into a total Drive score ranging from 1-5. This score indicates whether your sales candidate has the potential to be a top producer. The assessment also measures other teachable traits that are important for successful selling including Confidence, Persuasiveness, Relationship Skills and Organization.

In addition to the DriveTest® report, each assessment also includes a Production Builder™ developmental guide (at no additional charge). This additional resource is designed for use when training and developing new and current salespeople. This report provides tailored mentoring and coaching suggestions based on the individual’s unique personality profile.

Best Affiliate Match

SalesDrive is looking for US- or Canada-based affiliates. A successful affiliate match has:

  • An existing list of clients who are hiring salespeople regularly.
  • An established list of email and blog followers.
  • Agreed to work with SalesDrive to actively promote The DriveTest®.
  • Complimentary but not competitive offerings.
  • Committed to using their best efforts to mutually achieve and maintain performance goals outlined by the program.

Sample Affiliate Profiles

A few affiliate profile examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Sales Recruiters – Those working for clients who want high-producing salespeople and the lowest turnover achievable should consider The DriveTest® as part of the hiring process. This unbiased, data-driven tool will add clarity to the candidate’s true potential and provide guidance moving forward.
  • Sales Trainers – One of the biggest challenges sales trainers face is being asked to develop salespeople when many of the people they are asked to train do not have the requisite aptitude to succeed. Instead trainers should consider using The DriveTest® & Production Builder™ to start from a position of knowing who will succeed in a hunter role, who will succeed in a farmer role and what precise development and training is needed per person.
  • Sales Consultants/Advisors – The DriveTest® brings tremendous clarity, focus and scientific credibility to the advisory process. Using the DriveTest® materially raises the odds that your clients will hire only high aptitude salespeople that can be truly developed over time. The DriveTest® also provides data-driven benchmarks for where your clients’ current sales teams stand and where they need to go through targeted, rather than general, training and development.

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