Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the DriveTest validated?

A: The DriveTest uses questions that have been validated by research conducted over the last 25 years. We have continued to validate the DriveTest and have consistently found it to be strongly predictive of sales performance.

Q: How long does the DriveTest take?

A: The DriveTest takes about 30 minutes to complete. Once you tell us the names and email addresses of candidates, the candidate receives email instructions from our assessment team. You receive results via email, no later than one (1) business day after the candidate has completed the test.

Q: How is SalesDrive different than other testing programs for salespeople?

A: SalesDrive places a much higher emphasis on the Drive characteristic than alternative testing programs.

Q: What about my current salespeople?

A: For your existing sales staff, it is vital to know how to mentor and motivate each person to maximize their production. The Production Builder© shows you how to get the most out of each of your sales stuff, based on their unique psychological profiles. The Production Builder also allows you to build exceptional teams by pairing salespeople with complementary skills and traits.

Q: Is it really possible to have a sales team of all “A” and “B” players?

A: Absolutely. It takes discipline, and the fortitude to make tough personnel decisions, but there is no reason not to stack the bench with Driven sales professionals.

Q: We already use a test. Why do we need to get SalesDrive involved?

A: Because, Drive can be faked. Remember, the real question for a salesperson is not, “Can he/she sell?”…it’s “Will he/she sell?” Deep Drive can only be determined, prior to interviewing, by a sales test and report that is geared to ask the right (Drive) questions. SalesDrive allows you to screen your candidates before interviewing them, saving you time and money by only interviewing high-potential candidates.

Q: Isn’t it the recruiter’s job to send me qualified candidates?

A: In a perfect world, yes. But recruiters concentrate mainly on a pool, identifying possible, not probable winners. Recruiters make a crucial contribution, but they are not geared to apply the rigor and standards of SalesDrive to the final, hiring decision.

Q: What if someone is faking? How do you spot a problem?

A: Although skilled fakers are difficult to uncover, our online DriveTest contains a built in Consistency Scale, which warns you if the candidate responds inconsistently, or attempts to fake the test.

Q: What is the Purpose of the DriveTest™?

A: The DriveTest allows us to evaluate candidates before they are interviewed. This weeds out low-potential candidates and saves interviewing time and cost. Most importantly, the DriveTest helps you pick salespeople with high levels of Drive, as well as four other traits that our research has found to be essential for sales success. The DriveTest even gives managers a list of interview questions to probe finalists’ weak areas.

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