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SalesDrive, LLC is making a limited amount of co-promoter opportunities available for professionals in the sales and advisory space. There are two reasons you should consider bringing the DriveTest™ to your prospects and clients:

  1. Drive incremental revenue
  2. Deliver the best customer experience in your market.

Revenue Opportunity

We are looking for co-promoters and distributors with the capacity to generate a minimum of $100,000 annually to their current revenue base.

This comes in the form of pure, incremental revenue because SalesDrive, LLC provides the product and its related administration. There are no set up costs or “buy in” fees. This is a pure, incremental offering designed to complement and build revenue off your existing suite of services.

handshake image small (ss)For Sales Consultants

The DriveTest brings tremendous clarity, focus and scientific credibility to the advisory process. The DriveTest is the most powerful and focused assessment platform on the market for identifying candidates and current employees who have the innate ability to be cast as new business developers, aka, hunters.

As an advisor, you will be able to use the DriveTest to materially raise the odds that your clients will hire only high aptitude people that you and they can truly develop over time. You will also be able to assess a cross section of current salespeople to gauge both the current aptitude of individuals on the team, as well as the collective aptitude of the team as a whole. With this information in hand, you will be able to show your clients, data-driven benchmarks for where their sales teams stand and where they need to go through targeted, rather than general, development.

For Sales Trainers

The biggest challenge sales trainers inevitably face is being asked to develop producers when many of the people they are being asked to train do not have the requisite aptitude to succeed as rainmakers. The DriveTest brings both clarity and focus to the training proposition. The DriveTest will provide focused aptitude benchmarking as well as benchmarking for key, developable traits.

As a trainer, you can then start from a position of knowing which people are likely hunters and which are likely farmers, as well as precise indications for where development and training may be most needed.

For Sales Recruiters

The DriveTest is the ultimate tool for determining if a prospect should even be brought in for an in-person interview. It sets the bar high but saves thousands of dollars per candidate on the front end, and will help you deliver a thoroughbred to your clients as a result of deploying it as a part of your assessment process.

The DriveTest is not for everybody . . .  sales recruiters who are working for clients who are looking for high quality salespeople and the lowest turnover achievable should consider the DriveTest as part of a sophisticated hiring process.


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The DriveTest has made our sales recruiting process more precise, allowing us to efficiently filter out individuals who lack the required DNA, and interview only those with a high potential for success.
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