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Our sales test identifies top performers, prior to hiring your sales reps, so you don’t waste money on under-performing salespeople.

Our Sales Assessment Helps You:

  1. Identify sales candidates with the 3 critical, non-teachable traits essential for successful hunters: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness & Optimism

  2. Stop clever pretenders from infiltrating your sales team by being the only sales test focused on the 3 traits above

  3. Save time and money by adding an affordable, scientifically rigorous sales assessment to your hiring process

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How The DriveTest Works

The DriveTest is designed to overweigh the most valuable aptitude of all salespeople . . . the ability to develop new business. Our research has found that successful new business developers, aka “hunters,” share three innate personality traits that cannot be taught . . . you either have them or you don’t by adulthood . . . so training is virtually a waste of money unless this core aptitude is in place. The DriveTest therefore heavily emphasizes these three characteristics:

  1. Need for Achievement (never satisfied, must always do well)
  2. Competitiveness (must win, hates to lose)
  3. Optimism (easily handles rejection as past of the sales game)

When these three traits are in place, you have a potential winner on your hands and should continue the vetting process. If they are not, stop the recruiting process . . . NOW!

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In this video Dr. Christopher Croner talks about three personality traits that every high performance salesperson must have. Trying to train and manage people who do not have this foundation is the biggest, single waste of money in business. Start hiring the right sales representatives now.

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The DriveTest has made our sales recruiting process more precise, allowing us to efficiently filter out individuals who lack the required DNA, and interview only those with a high potential for success.
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